Do you have Conitis? Check out these symptoms and decide for yourself:

-Do you find yourself crying when Conan is not on?

-Do you hate the weekends?

-Do you stand by Conan's house screaming "Keep it cool baby?"

-Have you ever stalked him?

-Does your heart skip a beat when you see tall freckled redheads?

-Did you legally change your name to "O'Brien"?

-Does Conan have a restraining order against you?

-Do you do the Conan skip jump spin thing when no one's looking?

-When they are looking?

-Do you tape EVERY show even though you are up watching it?

-Is your room covered in so many Conan pictures, you can't find the door and you know "there USED to be a window in my room"?

-Are your pets named Conan?

-Instead of swearing, do you say "krunk"?

-Did you dye your hair red to be more like Conan?

-Did you paint freckles on your face, hands, or anywhere else?

-Do you hum the "Late Night" theme?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you may have Conitis. It is an obsession with Conan O'Brien and anything Conan-related. The only treatment is to watch more "Late Night". Some say this feeds into the obsession, but what do they know? To treat:

-Tape show when you aren't able to watch

-When the show isn't on, watch at least 3 videos a day

-If you play an instrument, learn the theme song

-If you don't play an instrument, learn one and then learn the theme

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