When Mia Met Conan

I knew it was going to be a Conarific evening, I could feel it. I stepped off the "D" train at 30 Rock at around 3 o'clock. I absorbed the aroma, a mixture of food from the restaurants in the train station and the unique subway odor, as I walked up the stairs to the Plaza. I walked and walked, it seemed like forever, to the mezzanine to the long line of about-to-be Conan audience members. I saw my friend tenth in line and got in line with her. Joel Goddard, the announcer was there and we took pics with him. After receiving my tickets, we looked at the issue of "Rolling Stone" she had brought with Conan on the cover. After about an hour, we finally began to move. We walked down the stairs through the metal detectors and into the elevator. We got to the seventh floor and stepped off th elevator and onto another line. Ahh, more Conan chat. My friend had brought her "In the Year 2000" book. It kept us amused. Before we knew it, it was time to go into the quite nippy studio. (I kept my jacket on the whole time.) We took a seat in the front row where Conan does his Conologue. Brian McCann, one of the writers, warmed the audience up, then introduced Conan and he did his audience "dance with a girl, hug a guy" routine. Brian introduces the band, and the opening sequence is played. The show is very good. We exit the studio. We tried to get cue cards, but we were refused. My friend gets La Bamba's autograph. We go to the meeting place and wait for Conan. Caroline Rhea comes down, we take pics with her and then Pender comes down and we chat and take pics with him. We wait. Then Conan comes rushing by on his cell phone. We call to him. He ends the conversation on the phone and comes over to us. He signs autographs. (It's only me and my friend there). I touch his hair and kiss his cheek. He rowls. We take pics with him. He asks our names and where we're from. (I'm practically all over him!) I show him the pic of my Halloween pumpkin with his likeness on it. He asks to keep it. I said "yeah, of course!" I wrote on the back: "To Conan, Keep it cool baby, it's only a pumpkin! Love #1 Fan, Mia" In conclusion, it was a GREAT night!

I just went to the show on Friday June 8 for my birthday. It was a great show. But the warm-up was great. I danced in the aisle with Conan and the band. If you've ever been to a taping, you know what I'm talking about. He picks a girl from the audience and they all dance. Well, I yelled it was my birthday and he gave me the studio phone (yes, I said phone. It's in my home as I type this) and I danced and he kissed and rowled at me. It was awesome.

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